It’s been estimated that a car accident occurs every few seconds. Fortunately not all cause serious injury. But the reality is that many do cause extensive harm. While referred to as accidents, many are not accidental at all. Many happen because of carelessness by one or more drivers, and injure because of negligence that could have been avoided. At Godsey – Martin, we investigate car accidents on behalf of our clients, determining who is liable, and what the legal rights of those injured are. We have a long history of successfully prosecuting these types of cases. Since 2007, we have successfully handled around 25,000 motor vehicle accidents on behalf of injured clients. Remember, we take all cases on contingency basis, meaning we handle all of the expenses that come along with thoroughly putting our client’s case together in a fashion that results in the just outcomes our firm has become known for receiving.

Without representation, it is easy to feel as if the cards are stacked against you. Insurance carriers often do not want to work with victims to make things right. The negligent drivers often do not want to accept responsibility for the damage they have caused. Our team will lead you through every step to ensure that you get the justice that you are entitled to. We will stand by your side every step of the way. Your well-being is our top priority. Receiving a case evaluation comes at no cost or risk to you. Fill out the free case evaluation form to better understand your options and rights as you handle your accident. If you are ready for help, contact our firm today.