You Matter

Why us? The answer is simple. We are an experienced law firm that puts people first. Some are fortunate to make it through life without encountering a single catastrophic, life changing event. Others are not so fortunate. Some, without any warning, become innocent victims of the negligent and careless acts of others. For those victims, when times are at their worst, the Godsey Martin team is at its best. Our knowledge and our hearts become focused on repairing and improving the tender lives of those who have entrusted us to do so. People come first in our world. For us, that is what being a personal injury law firm is all about. So you can count on us to always answer a call for help.

The time following an injury causing accident is often confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming. The hardships don’t just touch the victims. They also distress the families involved. Such events change lives. Sometimes the best way to make things right is to call for help. One of the best directions to head is the way of getting comprehensive legal counsel. Good legal advice can be the difference between making good post-accident decisions and making great post-accident decisions. An experienced law firm can aid you and your family in determining the best way to hold those responsible for the injuries and damage accountable for what they did. This often includes helping families make an early determination about who is at fault, specifically who needs to be supporting family with the cost of helping put lives back together. And because many critical questions can be answered during a complimentary legal consultation, families can determine whether engaging a lawyer is in their best interest at all – all of this just from making one simple call.

Timing is very important. Once you and your family have decided that talking with experienced law firms makes sense, the timing of engaging that counsel can be important. Attaining legal representation as quickly as possible after a serious injury occurs, or is discovered, can give victims a decisive advantage in the fight for rights.

At Godsey Martin we have a practice focused on many types of cases involving personal injury. Every day of the year our team of over ninety legal professionals is working to resolve challenging hardships for our clients. We are a large and resourceful firm when it comes to fighting big corporations and negligent defendants, but we are a small and personable firm when it comes to servicing you. When your case is opened, you become part of our family. We will work together with you to get you the justice you are entitled to. But be certain that as we fight for you, we’ll keep you informed and as involved as you’d like to be – every step of the way. We know that hiring Godsey Martin is a big decision, and we will do everything in our power to honor your decision to choose us.