Our Heritage

What makes Godsey Martin unique is a combination of two things; our passion for people, and our extensive experience. The Firm’s Founding Partners, David Godsey and Justin Martin, are both fanatical about helping everyday people live enriched lives. Servicing people is their heritage. They combine that special interest with their professional experience. David Godsey spent several years as a Claims Manager for one of the nation’s largest insurance companies. While in that management role, David Godsey trained and taught his adjusters the skill of convincing injury victims to accept less money than they deserved. David Godsey witnessed first-hand that many corporations were about money, not about people. David Godsey found this experience so unsettling that he cites it as one of his chief motivations to become a lawyer. He had solidly determined that his calling was on the other side of the fight – making sure victims had their voices heard after being wronged. Justin Martin spent his early professional career in service, sales, and public relations roles. He has always been driven to help people succeed. Justin Martin believes that we all must find a way to meaningfully assist those around us. Godsey – Martin have strategically assembled their team with these same values in mind. All of our lawyers and legal professionals know the importance of using our special skills and our time to enrich the lives of those around us.

Our Philosophy

We understand that the time following an injury causing accident is often confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming. The hardships don’t just touch the victims. They also distress the families involved. Such events change lives in so many ways. Our philosophy is this: Take the trouble off the shoulders of our clients so that victims and families can focus on healing. We take our job as burden lifters seriously. We step in quickly to provide leadership and guidance. This allows our clients the opportunity to keep their eyes set on getting better with the support of family and friends. While that’s happening we start working to identify all those who contributed to our client’s suffering, how to hold those at fault accountable, and how to make sure our clients have their voices heard. Our belief is that we can play a key role in solving the problems careless individuals and corporations cause our clients to suffer through.