A Giving Spirit

At Godsey Martin we observe the importance of family and community. We do not waiver from this commitment. We consider those we work along side of our work family, and our work family maintains a culture of volunteerism. Individuals in our firm raise funds and donate to a new charity every week of the year. To date, our list of charitable donation beneficiaries is in the hundreds. Our work family participates in community events that better our neighborhoods, and make our environments safer. Because family is one of our chief values, we’ve made it a priority to educate on and improve child safety. We’ve purchased hundreds of approved high-safety standard child restraint seats, and with the help of local police and fire departments, we’ve installed hundreds of them while educating parents about their proper use and upkeep. Our work family shows up strong at events like these, where we show our community that we don’t just talk it, we walk it.