Godsey – Martin P.C. is a Texas based personal injury Law Firm with a focus on handling exclusively personal injury cases. With their two Texas offices, one located in Houston, and the other in Dallas, the Firm has become one of the most recognized assemblies of lawyers in Texas. After years of working together and helping numerous clients get justice and gain rightful compensation through the Godsey Law Firm and its auto accident branch, IJUSTGOTHIT.COM, Attorneys David Godsey and Justin Martin partnered to create Godsey – Martin, P.C. The mission of the Firm is clear – to make access to quality legal representation an immediate possibility for all members of the communities it serves. With Godsey – Martin every call for help is answered.

The Firm’s focus is on cases involving personal injury including those involving catastrophic injury and wrongful death. After seven years of strong growth and building the present team of attorneys, Godsey Martin is battle tested, standing strong, and ready to defend the rights of victims of negligence, whether the defendant be a large corporation, or a single careless wrongdoer. The team of lawyers at Godsey Martin is comprised of legal professionals that carry a passion for giving voices to the weak, by bringing justice to those who are responsible for causing the harm.